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Breguet Tradition Power Reserve 7027BR/G9/9V6 Breguet Watch Review

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The Breguet Tradition (7027BR/G9/9V6) features a 37mm 18k rose gold case surrounding a skeletonized dial on a brand new black alligator strap with an 18k rose gold tang buckle. Functions of this Breguet Tradition include power reserve indicator front and back, hours, and minutes. This Breguet watch also measures 11.8mm in thickness and 45.2mm from lug-to-lug.

For complete details, watch the full Breguet Tradition review by Tim Mosso!

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UGUR SAHAN : hey man you are perfect speaking english....I am learning english...:)))))
Zoltan the Texan :
Howard Campbell-Downes : Not typically a fan of the cannibalised, skeleton watch trend, this specific timepiece has converted me and the elegantly sculpted case, signed crown, front crystal and rear display exhibition case is simply quite stunning as I'm just becoming more familiarised with Breguet. Magnifique !
Yit Tee : Awesome piece of engineering art.
Abdul R Watches : This is a work of art, is the sort of watches that JCB mentions when he says the watchmaking is an art.
Breguet offering a huge value in the pre-owned market.
JogBird : The steel barrel in the middle seems like an afterthought, like they ran out of time to finish it

How Does A Mechanical Watch Work? - Breguet 7027 | Watchfinder & Co.

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In a universe of chaos, time seeks to bring order. It's a manmade concept, completely contrary to the randomness of nature, yet we as a species have sought to perfect it for millennia. Today we have digital, atomic solutions to finding ever more accurate ways of keeping an even beat, but before the electronic age, mechanical was king. Reliable, precise and without a volt or amp to be seen, the mechanical watch is both a historical wonder and modern treasure. But how, exactly, does it work?

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Breguet Tradition 7027BB/11/9V6

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Arbiter Of Reason : Those 3 notes at the begining of the video raise hairs on the back of my neck. You guys should feature it more often.
Darren Brown : It's mass times velocity.
Chris 279 : It’s important to stress that the pallet fork adds energy to the balance every time it moves, it’s not just moved by the balance. This is the exact, metered energy transfer, the fork tapping the balance as it’s knocked free. This concept is what most people have trouble with when trying to understand a movement. T
twan hams : Just bought a fossil mechanical watch and I can look for hours seeing how the mechanism works
Tejbir Singh : "The mechanical watch is both a historical wonder and a modern treasure."
Shaun Kendall : Amazing video, concise and too the point without any confusing technical jargon. I now also want to take a look at some Breguet watches...
Felix Fourcolor : I was confused at first, but then realized the guy messed up: It's not conservation of momentum, but energy. Kinetic energy of the moving escape wheel converts into potential energy of the hairspring and stops the wheel, then converts to kinetic energy to let the escape wheel move again.
Dave Boyer : You're a true Missionary of fine timepieces to the best watch fans. Long live Watchfinder & Co.
szamanistic realistic : This could be one of the most important videos I've ever seen.

7분만에 알아보는 브레게에 대한 10가지 사실

영상을 재밌게 보셨다면 구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니다! 여러분의 구독과 좋아요가 저에게는 정말 큰 힘이 됩니다 :)
Chess : 이영상에서는 제가 고정입니다
아 그리고 10만 축하드려요~~
BackingPyre6917 : 마린 뚜르비용 갖고싶다
도민준 : 뭐니뭐니 해도 시계는 롤렉스여
밖에 차고나가면 롤렉스 알아보는 사람이 더 많어ㅋㅋ
권민혁 : 역시 이분은 시계가 좋은게?
김한얼 : 1세대 브레게가 현 파텍 필립의 롤모델이었음. 사실상 시계를 공돌이용품에서 귀족들의 예술품으로 끌어올린 명품시계의 시초급임
박세윤 : 미도 시계브랜드도 해주시면 정말 좋을꺼같아요ㅠㅠ
Max Martial Arts Lisle : 형 글라이신 시계 한번 갑시다~
박재형 : 맥케이지 또는 파라점퍼스 무스너클같은 패딩브렌드가 궁금해요!
개발바닥쫀득말랑 : 피아제 시계 브랜드 한번 했었나요? 못본거 같아서리 가물가물
뷁궭 : 블랑팡도 한번 부탁드려요~
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