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China Started Installing Indigenous Engine WS-10 in J-10C. Good news for JF-17 Thunder Block 3 & PAF

New Images emerges on internet which suggests that China is now installing its home made WS-10 Engine on 4th and 5th Batch of advance fighter jet J-10C.

Images From CCTV (China`s State TV) suggest China has begun fitting indigenous WS10 engine into J-10C fighters

Screenshot from CCTV footage released on 2 March showing a J-10C multirole fighter in PLAAF markings fitted with a Chinese-made WS10B engine. Source:
China has begun fitting locally made Shenyang-Liming WS10 ‘Taihang’-series engines into its J-10 multirole fighter aircraft, images released on 2 March by state-owned broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) suggest.

The images show an apparently newly built Chengdu Aircraft Industries Company (CAIC) J-10C fighter aircraft in People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) markings fitted with what appears to a WS10B engine, rather than the Russian-made Saturn AL-31FN turbofan that normally powers these aircraft. All main-production J-10s built by 2018, about 300 aircraft, appear to be powered by the AL-31FN.

It is unclear when or where the CCTV images were taken but the pictured aircraft, which appears to be almost ready for delivery, seems to be part of the fourth production batch of J-10Cs for the PLAAF.

Meanwhile, an image allegedly taken in mid-December 2019 but only posted recently on Chinese online forums suggests that the fifth batch of J-10C fighters is currently undergoing testing. The blurry photograph shows a J-10C painted in yellow primer and bearing what appears to be serial number 502 during a test flight at CAIC’s production facility in Chengdu Huangtianba.
Peizxcv : Very nice. China and Pakistan are reliable partners
just information : اچھی ویڈیو ہے بہت اعلی
بھائی کبھی چائنا کے WS 10
Wa 13
WS 15
انجن لائف پر ویڈیو بنائیں اور یہ بھی بتائیں کہ چائنہ نے ابھی تک جے 20 پر WS 15 انجن انسٹال کیوں نہیں کیا پلیز بتائیں شکریہ ۔۔۔
John Smith : China used best engines AL31FN in its own J10 aircrafts to achieve 79.43kN and 125kN thrusts for Mach 2.2 speed and now using its own engine WS10 with same thrusts.

Pakistan will use old RD93MA engine in its JF17 aircrafts with 50.4 kN and 85.6 kN thrust for Mach 1.6 speed.
Laeot : Pak should start import JC-10c plane. This plane kicks ass. It just crushed SU-35 in simulated fights.
Donkey Kong : While India hasn’t installed toilets yet
Corrine Tsang : The J-10C and the JF-17 will get the WS-18 engine with 18000 lb trust and a ratio of 9 air to thrust ratio.
Mukul Vashista : Maine tere comments padhe h tu kuch b cheez ko maanta nahi h Abe accha ko accha bol bura ko bura bola kar china ne russian engine copy krke tumhare jf17 me laga dia jo ki underpowered h
Najma Nighat Zaidi : Pakistan k paas Japan ishteraak krne ka option kyun nahi hai?? Japan ne USA se behtar engine develop krliya hai
Hemant Kumar Senapati : Re-engineering country produced no. Warenty bro 3rd generation fitter jf17 .j10
Usman Qaiser : Will paf use WS-10 or will go for improved variant of RD-93 which is RD-33MK installed in Mig-35?

太行发动机WS10 研发速度远超西方

Jj Chen : J10 is powered by the WS10. The J20 is powered by the WS 15
朱红伟 : 这标题,



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